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Joy D. Fanning 

Joy D. Fanning is the originator of The Aspiring Author Blog. Since 2009 she has been reviewing books, interviewing authors and growing as an aspiring author herself. Now equipped with a degree in English, she embarks on her journey to create and produce stories that inspire readers to think and question the world around them. She is a member for the Willamette Writers and volunteers with Write Around Portland. 

Joy posts on the first Friday of the month. Her posts explore the possibilities science fiction offers. 

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W.E. DeVore is a musician, producer, and audio engineer. In her career as a musician and sometimes rock star babysitter, she has been fortunate to know some of the most entertaining and unique individuals that seem to only grow from the Louisiana soil. She’s also experienced some things that a nice Jewish girl from Montana probably shouldn’t know about - but it does make excellent fodder for a little fiction. DeVore has lived in Southeast Louisiana for the last two decades and currently lives in Baton Rouge, although her heart will always be in New Orleans - sweaty, dirty, crime-ridden, music-filled wonderland that it is.
The first three books of the Clementine Toledano Mysteries are available now (That Old Devil Sin, Devil Take Me Down, and Chasing Those Devil Bones). The fourth installment of Q’s misadventures, The Devil’s Luck, is due out Summer 2018.

DeVore posts on the second Monday of the month where she explores all the wonders of the mystery genre! 

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Alice Cotton 

Alice Cotton is a professional musician, author, and artist who has been playing music and creating stories for children since the age of 8 when she bravely put her head under her father’s grand piano. With ears next to the piano strings, she listened to all its incredible sounds. Then before bed each night she would tell fantasy stories to her brother and sister. Thankfully the piano top stayed up and her stories were well received by her siblings and friends. Since then, (no surprise) a lifetime of music and storytelling unfolded. Hence, her books include The Case of the Flying Note, Adventure On A Blue Moon, Musical Tales and the Adventures of Hoody Hoody (a young girl) and Budhiem (her magical cat). In addition, Alice has been a lifelong reader of children’s literature and believes that “We are really all here to have a good time!”

Alice Cotton posts focus on children's literature every third Wednesday of the month. 

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Nora Pace

Nora Pace is a high school English teacher whose teaching philosophy centers student writing, social justice, and creative communities. She is a graduate of The College of William & Mary (B.A. English and History) and of Brown University (M.A.T. Secondary English). She teaches a semester-long poetry course for high school juniors and seniors in which she writes beside her students and debates whether crabs think fish are birds. Her poetry is concerned with nature, love, duality, queerness, and wonder. She lives in Providence, Rhode Island. 

Nora is the Poetry and Nonfiction contributor. Her posts will be on the fourth Thursday of the month.

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V. S. Holmes

V. S. Holmes is an award-winning science fiction and fantasy author. She has written the epic fantasy REFORGED series and the archaeological sci-fi series the NEL BENTLY BOOKS. Smoke and Rain, the first book in her fantasy quartet, won New Apple Literary's Excellence in Independent Publishing Award in 2015. In addition, she has published short fiction and poetry in several anthologies. She also runs Amphibian Press, dedicated to helping hybrid authors with publishing.

When not writing, she works as a contract archaeologist and, as a disabled gender-queer person, is an activist for equal rights and climate change. She lives in a Tiny House with her husband, a fellow archaeologist, their not-so-tiny dog, and owns too many books for such a small abode.

V. S. Holmes is our fantasy contributor, with her posts focusing on disability and mental illness in SFF worlds. Her posts are on the fourth Sunday of every month.

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Our Reviewers:

Brandi Peterson

Brandi Peterson was born and raised in Moore, Oklahoma and is no stranger to disaster. But it is the kindness and outpouring of love from the people of Oklahoma that keeps Brandi and her family right where they are. For even in the midst of natural disasters, hope is found in the generosity of others who are willing to help.
Brandi holds a degree in aviation from the University of Oklahoma. She has also had the experiences of being a horse wrangler, a teacher, a musician, a professional costumed character performer, and a writer. You might say that Brandi loves to experience the fullness and variety of life. It is from all these life experiences that she draws the inspiration for the captivating stories she writes. Her favorite genres to both read and write are science fiction and fantasy.
You can connect with Brandi on FacebookTwitter, and her blog that focuses on early childhood literacy and writing tips for kids.

MJ Colerick 

MJ Colerick grew up in Rhode Island and currently resides in the Boston area. Growing up she always had a great love of stories – writing, reading, watching, listening, and everything in-between.  She holds a degree in Psychology from Northeastern University and works a nonprofit.  Her spare time is spent creating things through art, writing, photography, and baking.  MJ loves reading everything; no genre is safe.

You can connect with MJ on Twitter and Instagram

Michelle Green 

Michelle Green is an Oklahoma native with a passionate love for reading. She is now an academic librarian living in Wyoming with her two dogs. When not reading and reviewing books, she likes to play video games and do crafts.